Imago Feminae: Image of Woman


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Sophia's Voice

[My tradition is] Presbyterian (PCA). As a Christian, I am influenced by what the Bible says about how I should view/treat my body (I Corinthians 3:16-17). Unlike His other creatures, God created male and female in His own image and likeness. Male and female were created to have fellowship with God and be responsible and obedient to His laws. Both Adam and Eve, unlike the creatures He previously created, possessed mind, body, and spirit (a tri-unity). Both Adam and Eve were given sovereignty over the earth and its creatures, but they were both subject to God. Eve was created out of Adam to become "a helper comparable to him" (Genesis 2:19). I think there is much truth to the idea that Eve came from Adam's rib to be by his side, not from hes head to be above him, nor from his foot to be beneath him. I also think there is no truth to the idea that Eve ate more of the fruit (from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) than Adam ate, thus making woman smarter than man. What is the perfect body? At my stage of life, "perfect" may be simply the ability to get out of bed each day. While "perfect" may be sought after by younger adults, as we age "healthy" is a more realistic goal. In our quest for the perfect body/image (whatever that may be), perhaps we should try filling our empty shells--read I Corinthians 6:9-20.

Sophia, 68 years old