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Who am I?

In May I graduated from Perkins School of Theology, SMU, Texas, with a Master in Theological Studies. I enjoy studying religion in general and Christian history, theology, and practice in particular. My "real" job is in insurance, as an insurance service representative and system administrator; my "fun" job is rattling on and on about religion (I wish I got paid for it!). In my spare time I like to play on the Internet, read, cook, workout, and watch "The Simpsons."

Imago Feminae was constructed for a class project. I chose to discuss the topic of body image on this site because I have struggled with eating disorders for the past five years or so. I have come to realize that a religious/spiritual aspect is integral to these diseases. I feel that it should be studied thouroughly, both by the sufferers and by the "egg heads" who study stuff like this.

Thanks to the teacher of my class for letting me be creative and put my thoughts on the 'net! Thanks also to the women who contributed to Voices; I love ya'll!

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Stare at me with empty eyes and point your words at me

Mirror on the wall will show you what you're scared to see

"Hate To Feel"

Layne Staley, (1967-2002 RIP)