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Imago Feminae: Image of Woman

UPDATES: Be sure to check out the new "Writings" section. New Articles will be coming soon. Upcoming topics include "The Food Police: How Then Should We Eat?" and "The Goddess Movement and Body Image."

Imago Feminae addresses body image and eating disorders in women in relation to 19th and 20th century American cultural and religious influences and expectations. Specific focus is given to Christian theology and practice in regard to the female human body. For a survey of American culture, Christianity, and body image, see the "Articles" section. To discover different perspectives on body image and religion, see the "Voices" section. Also, be sure to read the "Writings" section for prose and poetry on body image. If you're intersted in finding out who I am and how to reach me, see the "Contact Me" section (please drop me a line--I love to get e-mail!). For more information on body image, eating disorders, and religion, jump to "References & Sources."

As you explore Imago Feminae, remember that these issues affect you and the women you love. May God bless us all.

Photograph, A. Kennedy

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